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Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Site for Second-stage 10 000 Flats in Hwasong Area near Completion

 Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), on Friday inspected the construction site for 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area nearing completion.

 Accompanying him were leading officials of the WPK Central Committee.

 The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was greeted on the spot by Kim Jong Gwan, first vice-minister of National Defence, Pak Hun, vice-premier of the Cabinet, and leading officials of designing institutions and the construction units involved in the construction of 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area.

 The architectural groups of 10 000 flats at the second-stage in the Hwasong area with more excellent figures are nearing completion in the great golden age of construction when flourishing living spaces, symbolic of the comprehensive development era of a thriving nation, are created every year in the capital city of Pyongyang, the political, economic and cultural center of socialist Korea, thanks to the grandiose strategy of the Party Central Committee for developing the capital city and its stubborn guidance.

 With his great ambition to turn Pyongyang, the capital of revolution, into a world-class ideal city of the people, the greatest city, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un unfolded a grand blueprint for the capital city construction with his rare wisdom and distinguished leadership and has made ceaseless efforts to carry it into practice. Saying that the housing construction in the capital city is a project being accelerated by the Party and the state as the most important task to realize their cherished desire and the promise made by the Party and the government to the people, he has energetically guided the housing construction, indicating the clear-cut orientation and ways for building the second-stage district in the Hwasong area into a peculiar street with the appearance of a modern city section and giving personal instructions on plane and elevation and layouts of every apartment house.

 Another magnificent new street for the people has appeared in a short span of one year thanks to the intense loyalty and devoted efforts of the military-civilian builders in the Hwasong area, who have performed miracles and feats, vigorously creating a new construction speed and myth after turning out in the forefront of the capital city construction with their strong will and revolutionary zeal to creditably ensure the promotion of people's well-being and the eternal development of the capital city in practice.

 Under the plan for 2023, the third year of the Five-Year Plan for Capital City Construction set forth at the Eighth Congress of the WPK, apartment houses of various forms for 10 000 families have been conveniently arranged in the second-stage district of the Hwasong area covering at least 80 hectares, in harmony with public and service buildings and establishments, strikingly displaying the Juche character, national character, modernity and artistry of architecture.

 The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un toured different parts of the construction site of 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area to learn in detail about the construction.

 He commanded a bird's-eye view of the new grand street lined up with modern apartment houses and expressed his great pleasure, saying that the street is really spectacular and another cradle of the people's happiness has been built in the Hwasong area.

 Saying that the Party's idea on architectural aesthetics was thoroughly applied in the second-stage housing construction in the Hwasong area and that the apartment houses were well built in a distinctive way with the unique charms and features of Korean style, assuming an aspect different from the first-stage houses, he highly appreciated the merits of the builders who have fully displayed the loyalty to the Party and the indomitable spirit after courageously turning out in the grand construction struggle to lead our people to civilization in the new era.

 He pointed out some faults made in the construction and took measures for rapidly correcting them. And he stressed the need to qualitatively and perfectly finish the final process with a goal to complete the housing construction at the highest level, impeccable even in the distant future, as it is the most important undertaking for providing the people with beautiful cradle of happiness.

 He indicated the detailed orientation for the long-term plans on the third-stage housing construction in the Hwasong area, started this year, and the fourth-stage housing construction, slated for next year, and advanced major principles that will serve as the guideline in turning the capital city better into the cradle of the most beautiful socialist civilization and amazing paradise for the people, and important tasks for implementing them.

 Encouraged by his on-site guidance, all the officials and builders hardened their resolve to uphold the WPK's idea on the Juche-oriented architecture and policy on construction with perfect practical achievements at every grand construction site in the capital city by turning out as one with rare determination and the utmost efforts, deeply mindful of the trust of the Party Central Committee that put them in the van of the sacred struggle for creating the people's happiness.

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