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DPRK Premier Inspects Various Sectors of South Hamgyong Province

 Premier Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., Workers’ Party of Korea and vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, inspected various sectors of South Hamgyong Province.

 At the construction sites for regional-industry factories in Kumya and Hamju counties, the premier encouraged the soldier-builders in the vigorous struggle to make the first breakthrough in attaining the ten-year objective with the indomitable fighting spirit and the Korean-style creation pattern, mindful of the great trust of the Party Central Committee which made them take the lead in the great revolution of wholly updating the country's regional industry.

 He stressed the need to ensure the speed and quality of construction by actively introducing efficient construction methods and working methods while strictly observing the requirements of design in construction and called upon officials in the relevant regions to provide a sure guarantee for normal production by pushing ahead with the work to create raw material bases in a planned way.

 Learning in detail about the current production and the fulfillment of maintenance and reinforcement plans at the February 8 Vinalon Complex, the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex and the Ryongsong Machine Complex, said that it is important to step up the construction of salt production process based on an industrial method as scheduled, produce enough fertilizer necessary for this year's farming and accelerate the production of custom-built equipment for various economic sectors.

 At the Tanchon Power Station under construction, he urged the officials to make it a habit to absolutely and unconditionally carry out the Party's decisions and conduct the operation and command skillfully and decisively and thus complete the project without fail at the date set by the Party.

 Going round the Sangnong Mine, the Tanchon Magnesia Factory and the Tanchon Smeltery, the premier stressed the importance of those units' duty in developing the national economy and improving the people's living standards and called for rationally updating the production processes and improving the equipment management and technical control so as to steadily carry out the monthly and quarterly plans of the national economy.

 He learned about the immediate farming process at farms in Kumya, Hamju and Hochon counties and stressed the need to widely introduce advanced farming methods whose advantages have been proved in practice, put the cultivation of wheat and barley on a scientific and technological basis and make preparations for coping with the disastrous weather foresightedly and thus bring about a good harvest in earlier crop farming.

 Meanwhile, he visited the Ministry of Mining Industry and the Ministry of Machine-building Industry to discuss the practical measures for consolidating the current production base and expanding capacity at major mines and smelteries and for producing equipment necessary in the project to reinforce  and further perfect the irrigation system of the country. 

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