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Choe Ryong Hae Inspects Pyongyang Teachers Training College

Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., Workers' Party of Korea, first vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly, inspected Pyongyang Teacher Training College.

He went round the room for education in the revolutionary history and the room dedicated to the history of the college. At its educational science exhibition, gymnasium and other parts, he called for upholding with practical achievements of educational science the noble intention of the Party to put the education of the country on a scientific and modern basis and the quality of education on a world level.

He said that the officials and teaching staff of the college should be always mindful of the responsibility for undertaking the patriotic work of lasting significance for the future of the country and steadily improve the contents and methods of education so as to enhance the students' intellectual faculties, application abilities and independence.

He stressed the need for the college to direct primary efforts to improving the qualifications of teachers to steadily increase the ranks of holders of academic degrees and October 8 Model Professor and fulfill its role as an academic research and dissemination center in the work for putting preschoolers' education and primary school education across the country on a new scientific basis.

Meanwhile, at the Kumkop General Foodstuff Factory for Sportspeople he called for thoroughly ensuring the hygienic safety and quality indices of products and directing efforts to the development of new products to turn out more tasty and nutritious foodstuffs favored by sportspersons and other people.

He learned in detail about the education in law observance at those units and discussed the measures to further enhance the role of officials and law explainers and raise the effectiveness of education in law observance. 

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