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DPRK Premier Inspects Several Sectors

Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and premier of the Cabinet, inspected various sectors of South and North Phyongan and Jagang provinces and Manpho Municipality.

At the construction sites of regional-industry factories in Onchon County, the premier stressed the need to set it as the top preferential task to ensure the quality of projects and strictly meet the demands of technological construction methods, encouraging soldier-builders who are displaying valiant spirit and practicability from the outset of projects, bearing deep in mind the boundless trust and expectation of the Party Central Committee which entrusted the gigantic grand construction sites for bringing about a radical turn in the regional industry to the People's Army.

He stressed the need to proactively organize visits and courses for training skilled workers and push forward with the creation of raw material bases in the capital city and regions and, at the same time, make perfect preparations for operating regional-industry factories to be newly built.

Going round Myohyangsan and Nampho medical appliances factories, he called upon the officials, workers and technicians to enhance the processing ability and precision of equipment to develop and produce more modern medical appliances and, at the same time, to raise the enthusiasm for emulation among medical appliances factories with the main stress placed on improving the quality of products.

At different farms in Taedong, Kujang and Hyangsan counties, the premier learned about the immediate farming processes, and underlined the need to produce much more quality organic fertilizers, cultivate and manure wheat and barley well and strictly take agro-technological measures for coping with disastrous abnormal weather.

Discussed at the field consultative meetings were the issue of settling in a far-sighted way the matters arising in construction and operation of regional-industry factories in relevant regions, the issue of enhancing the level of specialization and cooperation in the production of medical appliances and the issue of steadily securing the sources of organic fertilizers. 

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