Arch of Triumph

The Arch of Triumph is a monumental edifice erected in April 1982 on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung in order to hand down through generations his exploits of Korea’s liberation.

The arch is a magnificent four-storeyed stone monument which is 60 metres high, 52.5 metres long and 36.2 metres wide.  

Carved in relief on the arch are the years “1925” and “1945.”

They reflect the ardent wish of the Korean people to etch in golden letters forever the exploits of the President who won back the country deprived of by the Japanese imperialists and made a triumphal return after 20 years.

In the central part on the front and back sides of the arch is the immortal revolutionary paean Song of General Kim Il Sung with carved bronze statues A Bugler of Victory on both sides of the song. On the right and left walls on the second floor are the outlined drawings of Mt Paektu.

The arch, built with well-trimmed high-grade grey granite, has scores of bright and luxurious rooms and handrails, an observation platform, staircases and a lift. 

It is formed peculiarly in size and architectural formation on the basis of unique national architectural styles in harmony with modern aesthetic taste.  

It blends well with the green woods of Moran Hill, and presents its majestic appearance as a grand monument.

The Arch of Triumph, which conveys to posterity the immortal revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung who achieved the historic cause of national liberation by waging a long bloody war against the Japanese imperialists, is one of monumental edifices boasted by the Korean people.


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