Song of the Red Flag

It happened when the main unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA) was on the arduous march during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Fierce wind blew in the snow-covered forests, blinding the eyesight of the guerrillas. Worse still, they had to make their way with their body exhausted with hunger and biting cold. The march was really severe. 

One day, a young guardsman fell down on the snow.

Raising him in his arms, Commander Kim Il Sung of the KPRA encouraged him to cheer up, singing Song of the Red Flag. Hearing it, other guerrillas who had collapsed on the snow and crawled on it, rose to their feet.

All the guerrillas followed their Commander to sing Song of the Red Flag, indefatigably braving the snowstorms.

Warmly embracing a soldier who had fallen in the snow, the Commander encouraged his soldiers to endure the critical situation, saying: If we fall down here, the motherland will not rise for ever. Though our path is rough, it is a sacred one leading to the motherland. Let us staunchly advance to hasten the day of national liberation without forgetting our pledge to be faithful to the revolution. 

His meaningful instruction instilled in the minds of guerrillas the unshakable faith and indomitable fighting spirit of victory of the revolution. 


Staff Reporter

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