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Pharmacies Tell Touching Stories

It is the greatest lifelong wish of all the Korean people to meet the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

They envy those who have met him and, when they have a chance of honour to meet him, they would run to him unawares and throw themselves into his embrace. 

However, on May 15, an unexpected thing happened at the pharmacies in Taedonggang District in the capital city of Pyongyang.

It was a few days after the grave pandemic crisis was created in the country and the national epidemic prevention system was switched over to the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system. 

As it was late at night, there were few customers to the pharmacies. 

The first leg of Kim Jong Un’s visit was the Mannyon Pharmacy.

Saleswomen of the pharmacy could not believe their eyes as the General Secretary was entering their pharmacy.

They were so shocked that they failed to offer their greetings to him properly.

It was their greatest wish to meet him. However, when the time came, they stiffened with anxiety about his health and safety as the war against COVID-19 was going on.  

He asked them in detail about what kind of medicines had been supplied to them after the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system was put into operation, whether medicines were kept as required by regulations, whether the pharmacy was switched over to a 24-hour service system, whether they hold consultations with patients, and what kind of antipyretics and antibiotics they had.

The next leg of his visit was the Jangsaeng Pharmacy. The same was the case there. 

Recalling the day, Kim Un Gyong, saleswoman at the pharmacy, said in tears: “When General Secretary Kim Jong Un, whom I have missed very much, entered the pharmacy, I was very anxious. I felt like I wished myself far away from him at that time as I had just recovered from the malignant disease. But he understood my conditions at a glance and came nearer to me.”  

The following day, the news about his visit to the pharmacies stirred the whole country.

The people shed tears of emotion, seeing on TV the General Secretary who was on the frontline of the anti-epidemic war to protect his people from misfortunes.


Staff Reporter Om Yong Chol

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