DPRK Premier Inspects Local Areas to Learn about Farming and Epidemic Prevention

Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and premier of the Cabinet, made a field survey of current farming and epidemic prevention work in North Hwanghae Province and Nampho City.

Going around several farms in North Hwanghae Province and Nampho City, including the Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon City, the Sokjong Cooperative Farm in Hwangju County and the Chongsan Co-op Farm in Kangso District, he encouraged agricultural workers and volunteers who exert themselves in the major thrust of socialist construction, true to the decision made at the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Party Central Committee, and learned about the problems arising in farming after the operation of the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system.

He called upon officials in the field of agriculture to more dynamically conduct a campaign for preventing the damage from drought by making the maximum and effective use of labor power and means in line with the enduring unfavorable weather, bearing in mind that to minimize the influence of disastrous abnormal weather is of key importance in attaining the goal of grain production.

He called for firmly grasping scientific farming methods including sci-tech manuring and cultivation of the earlier crops such as wheat and barley and positive introduction of advanced method to grow rice seedlings, and for finishing the ongoing rice-transplanting at the right time and in a qualitative way by decisively increasing the proportion of mechanization in farming.

He inspected pharmacies in Sariwon City and Hwangju and Yonthan counties of North Hwanghae Province and Kangso and Waudo districts of Nampho City to learn about the epidemic prevention.

Saying that it is necessary to unconditionally implement the line and policies of the Party Central Committee set forth at the meeting and consultative meetings of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, he stressed that the medicines provided under the affection of the Party should be correctly in time supplied to inhabitants through the scrupulous organization of transportation and supply.

He stressed the need to better the environment of pharmacies in a hygienic and cultured way, improve the service including kind explanation about application and usage of medicines on the principle of prioritizing the convenience of the people and enhance the role of power organs in ensuring the people's living conditions through sufficient supply of vegetables and condiments to inhabitants.

At the Nampho Port, the premier urged its officials and workers to strictly observe the epidemic prevention rules and orders in keeping and handling cargos with high awareness that they defend the outpost in the epidemic prevention campaign, as required by the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system. 


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