Characteristic Performance

On March 8, Juche 101 (2012), a concert in celebration of March 8 International Women’s Day took place splendidly at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre in the presence of General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

At that time officials tried to limit the scale of the celebrations of the day in consideration of the atmosphere as it was run-up to the 100th-day mourning for the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Un, however, did not think like that. 

He saw to it a celebration performance was given in a unique way, and that all women invited to it came with their husbands, something unusual. 

The auditorium was full of smiles. The concert, which the couples enjoyed sitting side by side, left an indelible impression on them. 

The concert was a crystallization of the profound affection of Kim Jong Un, who understood before anyone else the unknown services of the women in the country.


Article by staff reporter


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