Premier of the DPRK Cabinet Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visited several fields in South Phyongan Province to learn about the work there.
He looked round units of several fields including electricity, coal, machine, railway transport, building materials and agriculture and encouraged officials and workers in their endeavors to carry out the decisions made at the Party Congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee through do-or-die practices.
He learned about work at the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex and the Tokchon Area Coal-mining Complex and pressed for technical measures to adjust and reinforce production foundation and carry out current production thoroughly based on modern science and technology. At the Inpho Youth Coal Mine, he discussed the expansion of coaling capacity.
At the Sungri General Motor Enterprise, he stressed the need to perfectly ensure technical conditions according to each process and increase the quality of vehicles. At the Pukchang Railway Sub-bureau, he stressed the need to consolidate its own material and technical foundation and drastically improve the transport of coal for thermal power stations. At the Sunchon Cement Complex, he called for increasing production and expanding capacity at the same time.
Field consultative meetings called on all the officials to bring about innovation in economic operation and command and business management to meet the requirement of reality, ensure close cooperation between relevant fields and units and pay deep attention to the logistic supply for employees, bearing in mind that the implementation of the Party’s decisions and progress of their own fields and units depend on their responsibilities and roles.
The premier learned about immediate farming at several co-op farms in Pukchang County and Tokchon City and the preparations to prevent damage by flood and rainy wind, and took measures. At the Sunchon Pharmaceutical Factory, he discussed the ways of producing and supplying sufficient amount of essential medicines.
He also visited the Posan Iron Works where he called for drastically increasing Juche iron production. At the construction site for 10 000 flats in Pyongyang, he reviewed the state of current construction and provision of raw materials and equipment by ministries and national institutions and pressed for measures for pushing forward the next-stage project.

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