Chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees, who received the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s important instructions comprehensively dealing with valuable guidelines and stratagems for turning cities and counties across the country into strong fortresses of socialist construction and rich and civilized regional bases, are attending the short course, full of firm confidence and enthusiasm.
The first short course for chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees continued on March 5.
In the third-day sitting, lectures were given to make the chief secretaries comprehensively and systematically renew the understanding of the issues arising in consolidating the single-hearted unity of the Party and the revolutionary ranks in every way and providing efficient Party guidance for developing cities and counties in an independent and many-sided way.
Lectures were given by O Su Yong, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and secretary in charge of economic affairs of the Party Central Committee, and Kim Jae Ryong, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and director of the Organizational Leadership Department of the Party Central Committee.
The lectures dealt with the issues calling on the city and county Party committees to consolidate the revolutionary position, class position by renovating the Party’s organizational and ideological work and proficiently mobilize officials, Party members and other working people for implementing the decisions of the Party congress.
Kim Jae Ryong gave a lecture on practical issues of the Party work arising in building up the ranks of cadres and Party ranks, improving the fighting efficiency of basic Party organizations, thoroughly applying the Party’s people-first politics and preparing young people for successors to the revolution and reserves of the Party.
He gave a detailed explanation of the tasks facing the city and county Party committees in transforming agricultural workers on a revolutionary and working class pattern by prioritizing the Party work in rural communities, intensifying the work with primary officials and discharged soldiers in rural areas and intensifying the three revolutions-ideological, technological and cultural- and ways to do so.
He called for conducting fresh political education aiming at elevating the masses’ ideological and spiritual strength and creative enthusiasm as urgently required by the era and the developing revolution and for increasing the penetration of idea and efficiency of ideological work by enlisting all the agitprop forces of the Party.
The lecture also dealt with methodological matters for enhancing the role of the city and county Party organizations in developing local economy and improving the people’s living standard.
The secretary in charge of economic affairs in his lecture stressed that in order to turn every city and county into civilized and prosperous regional bases of socialist construction and developed regions retaining their inherent characteristics as specified in the general goal of our Party’s idea of giving importance to city and county and its line of strengthening them, the city and county Party committees and chief secretaries should offer correct Party guidance and policy-oriented guidance to the economic work.
He explained in detail the measures for settling the problems of food supply for people and raw materials for light industry by giving priority to boosting agricultural production, animal husbandry and fishing which hold a big share in developing the economy of cities and counties.
Recommending the experience gained by the city and county Party committees which have achieved clear successes by encouraging farms to introduce scientific farming methods and correctly apply the socialist principle of distribution, he underscored the need to effectively guide the work for giving further momentum to the movement for high yield and consolidating the material and technical foundations of rural areas while giving priority to boosting the zeal of agricultural workers for production who are masters of agricultural output.
He explained about the ways for increasing consumer goods by revitalizing local industrial establishments in harmony with natural and geographical characters of relevant areas and for sprucing up cities and counties and developing education, public health and physical culture.
It was stressed in his lecture that all the chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees should strengthen the Party work to transform their cities and counties into revolutionary areas and should fulfill their responsibilities and roles as organizers and standard-bearers in the struggle for developing the local economy and improving the people’s standard of living, bearing deep in mind the heavy duty entrusted by the Party and the people to them.
Attending the lectures, which intensively dealt with the far-reaching plan of the Party Central Committee for strengthening cities and counties and practical ways for materializing it, with positive and earnest attitude, the chief secretaries are acquiring methodologies and admirable experience effectively applicable to turning their areas into the socialist paradises, model counties.
Amid the continuation of the short course, their revolutionary enthusiasm to fully discharge their duty as deputies of the glorious Party Central Committee and field political officials is getting stronger.
The short course continues.