Mung-bean jelly

From olden times, the Korean people have liked mung-bean jelly, traditional dish.
The jelly has green colour and is plain and slippery.
It is also called green mung-bean jelly.
Its preparation is as follows: Grind mung beans before putting them in the hot water. Change cold water several times to remove the husk of beans. Then, grind those beans again softly and strain them through a sieve. At that time remove foam and get mung-bean starch water. Pour a small amount of starch water on the top into the pot and boil it in low fire while waving the water with a spoon to make the jelly. When the jelly gets thick, take it out of the pot to put on the flat vessel and cool it off.
The method of seasoning the mung-bean jelly is as follows:
Slice the cooled jelly into long pieces. Meanwhile, spice the minced meat before roasting, and parboil parsley or mung-bean sprouts slightly before cutting. Mix the sliced mung-bean pieces well with those edible greens, meat and seasonings. Break the toasted laver, and put a small amount of it into the jelly to add flavor. Put the jelly on the dish and garnish it with shredded red pepper and thinly-sliced fried eggs. When settling the mung-bean starch, do not scoop out the clean above but make gluttonous rice balls with it and put the balls into it to boil the delicious mung-bean jelly soup.

Staff reporter Om Yong Chol