A Korean girl full of confidence

Members of an international organization who visited the flood-stricken areas in North Hamgyong Province in September Juche 105 (2016) met with a 11-year-old girl in the city of Hoeryong.
The girl was in a shabby dress and wore an odd shoe. She said her family was left homeless, with all properties gone away with the flood.
But the members could not find a glimpse of fear, pessimism and disappointment on her face. They asked her how she could live in the future. She answered fearlessly that it was no problem as Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un would build a house and give shoes for her.
They asked again what she would become in the future. She replied she would become a soldier to defend the benevolent socialist system.
At that time, the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea did not yet send an appeal on directing the main thrust of the 200-day campaign to the campaign for recovering from the flood damage in the northern areas and concentrating all efforts to this end, and no one could expect that the State would take what measures.
But the girl cherished the Korean-style socialism as the cradle which would remove the misfortune and take warm care of her family, and was full of confidence and optimism that they could clear away any natural disaster and bring about happiness as long as they are guided by the Supreme Leader.
Her answer had a great impact on the foreigners.

 Staff reporter Om Yong Chol