Favorite Haunt for People

The Ryonghung Photo Studio under the Taesong District Welfare Service Station makes efforts to instil a great pride in our own things into the minds of its visitors.
The studio provides kind services to them dressed in chima and jogori (traditional Korean women’s skirt and coat) and paji and jogori (traditional Korean men’s trousers and coat), all of which are well known throughout the world.
All the people feel delight in seeing their pictures in the traditional costumes.
A moment is enough to photograph them, but the pictures leave an indelible impression on them for years.
The cameramen here feel a great pride and dignity in our own things whenever they hear their guests saying that they will invariably carry forward the tradition of the Korean attire culture.
The background screens depict magnolia, the national flower of the DPRK, sand beach in Songdowon with white waves, a sea of apple trees at the foot of Chol Pass, etc. As they reflect the Korean people’s aesthetic requirements and tastes, the studio is always crowded with many visitors.
Its employees frequently get together to discuss how to bring into fuller bloom the noble and fine cultured way of life of the Korean people.
The studio, though not so large, provides a glimpse of the Korean people’s cultured life.

Article: Om Yong Chol
Photo: Jong Song Nam